Sample Essay

The situation has necessitated the nurses to re-define their roles and come up with ways to enforce ethical practices. In light of these perceived civil liberties under the auspice of surrogacy and Voluntary euthanasia, nurses must always respect the choices and decisions of the patients. Nursing practitioners should not only adhere to ethics of caring for the patients they need to ensure that their autonomy is enhanced.

In the ancient times, ethical nursing focus on the virtues that result in good nursing. However, ethics has shifted towards nurse’s obligation to respect the rights of the patient as made explicit by the International Council of Nurses. Nurses have a duty to respect decisions of the clients. The decision to perform euthanasia in such circumstances is also supported by the CAN code of ethics under the moral principles of non-malfeasance where it requires one to remove harm or evil and not to inflict harm or evil (Code of ethics, 2008) Nonetheless, nurses are permitted to violate go against the decisions of the client if deem fit and if necessary to save their lives.

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