On the other hand, the group position additionally determines the acquisition of race prejudice as postulated by Blumer (1958) and Hogg and Abrams (2001). Groups of whatever nature gives one their identity and it is no wonder that they exert a pervading influence on people’s attitudes and consequent behavior.

From the readings then, one may deduce that race prejudice can be determined through learned behavior, group position or both, in that one’s parents may aid one to acquire prejudices, as well as the group he/she belongs. Alternatively, one may acquire the prejudices at home, only to have them reinforced when he joins a particular racial group. Say for example that a member of the aforementioned Ku Klux Klan was brought up in a stable home. However, his parents were prejudiced against the minority in the area and though they did not actively teach him to acquire the same prejudices, he nonetheless felt their animosity and grows ambivalent towards the racial group.

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