Sample Essay

The qualitative and quantitative research is the research method for data collection and analysis of information available on multiple forms. In this study the qualitative and the quantitative research methodology has been used to perform primary research relevant to the study.

As secondary information about the Nigerian retailer market and the marketing operations of the UTC Plc company was not available, the company was queried through in-depth interviews and survey based questionnaires about their recent marketing campaigns. The information about the retail industry and the local retail market in Nigeria was gathered through this approach as well using qualitative ad quantitative survey based questionnaires.

The primary research makes use of survey based questionnaires and the internet based interviews that were conducted on the management of UTC PlcNigeriawhile the secondary research comprises of the literature review and the analysis of the international retail market leaders. The questionnaire based survey was designed by the for determining characteristics of the local Nigerian retail market.

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