Sample Essay

The main purpose of this research was to investigate the social and cultural aspects as far as heart diseases is concerned among the ethnic tribes in US and why the susceptible population is at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

However the social and cultural factor has been widely studied and the results reflect that the cultural norms have great impact with cardiovascular diseases. This is because heart diseases are indirect as result of other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking and all these are related to poor feeding habit and cultural perspectives of the studied groups.

For example the Asians have a tendency to eat plant products that have nutrients contents that doesn’t cause heart and heart related diseases. Therefore, it is very hard for the majority to get cardiovascular diseases. But the black’s life style and dietary process exposes them to heart related diseases and due to low income, they are unable to get specialized treatment or screening. The majority of white are more careful on the feeding habits but since they don’t do manual work, they end-up with heart diseases and other related diseases but since majority can access specialized treatments and check-ups, the mortality rates are low among them (Kapllan, 1993).

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