Sample Essay

Public relations are one of the inborn ways of attracting and creating enough market that is durable in terms of students enrolling in the university or in terms of market for the completely baked students and specialists of different disciplines. In other word good public relations provides for future market for the students and the institution itself since as the students get ready market due to good reputation of the campus, GUST will itself get(enroll) more students and become competitive. This is achieved through proper communication between the university and the esteemed clients (publics).

In order to increase the number of undergraduate students to 5500 by the year 2013 and the number of MBA students to 500 by 2013, GUST should undertake the following measures as it pertains to public relations and marketing. These objectives should be achieved by targeting the public to increase more knowledge of where the GUST is located and what courses the campus offer, the benefits of the courses and their importance to the society.

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