Sample Essay

Research psychologists use the term objectivity to refer to verifiable results. This term rises after some psychologists are given tasks of observing the results of two metronomes and identify the beats which occur between coincident beats. It was realized that after the beats were over, the psychologists had their report which highly relied on attention and concentration.  Although it was ensured that there was no bias, it was realized that the results realized were subjective since neither of the psychologists could verify the introspections of the other. As a result, the issue of objectivity came upon implying that the results realized could be verifiable, measurable and observable since psychology is meant to be scientific (Goodwin, 2007).

There are four related goals in psychological research namely describing, explaining, predicting, and influencing behavior. Description involves clearly unfolding the behaviors as they are in the topic of study. This goal is followed by that of explaining the reasons as to why the behavior is observed as it is. The goal of predicting involves forecasting of future events so that the psychologists are aware of what they expect and thus get prepared. The third goal of prediction is related to observation so that through observation of the current behaviors the future can be predicted. The fourth goal is that of controlling the mental processes and behaviors so that they can easily be managed. This fourth step ensures that behaviors do not occur anyhow and thus become uncontrollable and unpredictable (Goodwin, 2007).

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