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Advertising informs customers about and availability of goods which helps to sell these goods much faster. Advertising raises the standard of living of the population because it draws attention to new ideas and products. This increases the demand for these which increases employment because then manufacturers must hire more workers to produce more goods because of increased demands. Without advertising, most entertainment such as TV, newspapers and magazines would be beyond the reach of ordinary people because advertising offsets the cost of manufacture and other expenses that bring the goods to the customer. Besides providing relevant information, advertisers also feature pleasing pictures which people like to look at and sometimes used to decorate their walls with the pictures of pretty girls that appear in advertisements.

Print advertisements are solid and sometimes people want to look at the pictures a second or third time and as many times as they like. In addition to this, the products advertised are meant to convey a certain mindset that suggests peopling that if they patronize a certain product the opposite sex will be more attracted to them. Magazines also give all the advantages like newspapers plus they have a much longer shelf life. People also like to share favorite magazines so more people see the advertisement because the ads in magazines convey a sense of glamour. Although advertisements contribute to the cost of printing and circulating magazines, some people prefer not to feature ads because of the added expense.

Advertising play on the emotions of making people buy things which they do not need and sometimes cannot even afford. This is because advertising makes people believe that if they use a certain product, they will achieve their ambitions like a better job, a more attractive girl and the product will do for us what our own personal qualities have failed to do. Advertising never tells the complete truth and sometimes the ads make people dissatisfied with their own life and they start envying the make-believe the life of the models.  Advertisements can also cause depression because people who cannot afford the products feel gloomy and sad because they are unable to lead a better life as depicted in the advertisements.

Most mainstream media accept advertising, in fact, they go out of their way to solicit advertising for their media to cover costs, increase circulation and make more money. Some magazines do not accept commercial advertising because they are meant for a specific audience and do not think that it printing advertisements will give them any benefits or advantages. Advertisements are only concerned about the advantage or benefit that they can give their advertisers and usually do not regard the benefits of consumers.

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