Sample Essay

The use of Black English in teaching contributes to the black American children children’s ability to perform well in other subjects. According to some linguists teaching Black English ensures better use of distinctive speech patterns and hence facilitating the black children’ understanding, speaking, reading, writing and reading skills of Standard English.

Training teachers on the use of Black English (Ebonics) is also desirable because it will lead to a reduction of the difference that currently exists between teachers and black Americans students. The improved relationship between the teachers and students is likely to increase the black American student interest in education leading to improvement of their chances to finish their elementary education and continue to higher levels of education.  Some students drop out of school merely due to poor relationship with their teachers. Currently it’s only about 30% of black Americans who are able to go beyond the grade level of education. The increased chances of finishing education would in turn lead to reduction in crime, and drug abuse which is prevalent in black American youth who have dropped out of school.

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