Sample Essay

Thorough understanding and application of the tools and techniques of Project Management

A successful project involves a number of steps namely project identification, formulation, appraisal, implementation and monitoring, completion and evaluation. Other steps which will be incorporated in the above major ones include feasibility study, selection, stakeholders, roles and responsibilities, team building and management, cost estimation and budgeting, risk management, scheduling and resource management among others (Lewis 15).

Henry Gantt is a chart that came up in the early 1900s and is used up-to-date. It shows the steps to be followed in project management together with the period for each of the steps. Henri Fayol on the other hand came up with the major roles of the project manager during the formulation and implementation of the project. He gave out the main roles to include planning, organizing, commanding, directing and controlling (Institute of Management Foundation 3). PERT (Programme Evaluation and Review Technique) is the system of project implementation in which the “most likely time”, “optimistic time” and pessimistic time” are shown. After the network presentation of the project is done, the critical path is identified (Milosevic 191).

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