Sample Essay

The Aircraft Industry all over the world is based on the principles of project management. The nature of the products and the characteristic of the industry is the main reason as to why the principle of project management is employed to manage and manufacture aircrafts and the development of new aircrafts in the aircraft industry. The products that are manufactured in the industry are massive in size as well as in complexity as they are groups of integrated systems, hardware, software as well as mechanic that are designed to defy the laws of gravity while providing a comfortable and a realistic experience for the passengers. Moreover the one time design for a model tends to give the characteristic of one time only for the product making it much more feasible to manage for the manufacturing and the development of the product through project management instead of through product management function.

The aircraft industry uses specific technologies for developing and managing the aircraft. “These technologies include “system integration in the design and manufacture of complex, high-performance equipment; project management to meet demanding targets for performance, cost, and delivery; sophisticated manufacturing techniques for fabrication, testing, and assembly; and computer-integrated manufacture, factory automation, and large-scale integrated information processing” as well as “the more obvious ones that affect aircraft performance—aerodynamics, propulsion, advanced structures, and avionics and control” (‘The Importance of the U.S. Aircraft Industry’, 1994)Project Management in the Aircraft Industry

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