Sample Essay

During this period of the industrial revolution many European nations were involved in the production of weapons. Due to extraction of copper as well as other minerals the art of smelting became easier as well as cheaper. This led to a rise in the development of weapons on a large scale. Additionally the European wars also led to the production of more weapons. Increased explorations and the beginning of colonialism also led to the production of more weapons.

All these factors led to the emergence of European countries to emerge as military powers. To add on to this the acquisition of minerals and other raw materials from colonized lands like theAmericasalso led to the enlargement of European militaries. During this time the protection of ships especially those carrying processed goods or raw materials became very important. During this time European nations had the largest flights. As a result of this many European nations developed advanced military defenses especially for protection from pirates.

The use of machines also led to the reduction in production costs. This was another factor that led to the improvement of European military power. The reduced costs as a result of the industrial revolution meant that European nations were able to commercially trade their weapons and earn more capital to invest further in the development of new weapons.

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