Sample Essay

Two methods should be followed in this investigation i.e. forensic psychology and forensic laboratory. Therefore, the information to be gathered focuses on these two methods of investigation. The student is lost, nobody knows whether is alive or not.

1)      The initial step is to investigate circumstances behind the disappearance. This will include the location where the student was seen last before disappearance and his companions when he disappeared. Therefore the forensic information to collect should help the investigators to gather the evidence of who the student is and how he can be traced and where he was seen last. Therefore, the vital information to collect is the physical appearance of the student when he disappeared. In this case description of the height and weight, full names of the student, color of the clothes, hair follicles and eyes beside the facial description. More information to collect is the gender, race and the age. Since the student is aged 22, then fingerprints and the school photos of the lost student should be extracted from the school to help in the identification of the student.

2)      Again, the student physical fitness is noted and the original state where he was born. Then the next information to collect is the sobriety of the student mind before disappearance. The information to collect is whether the student was mentally fit or was he drunk. Vital information to note is whether the student was in abuse of any drug before.

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