Sample Essay

Though the problems brought about by pornography are on the role of media, role of parents and the vulnerability of young children, the children are posed with the highest risk of falling risks to pedophiles. Children psychological perceptions of the world are negatively affected besides destroying its innocence (McBain, 2002, p7-8).  In many cases, it is the photographs of women and their movies which are sometimes hardcore porn that are exposed in the internet, these create a negative image about our mother, sisters and daughters. That does not mean that the men are better off but women are the mostly exposed. In a nut shell, internet pornography poises great problems to our society especially the children.

Besides the above problems catalyzed by internet pornography in the society, as the field of information technology gets to a higher level, cyber crimes and hacking have become common as people try to buy or access pornographic materials(McBain , 2002, pp9-11). In doing so people fill in their personal details and even their credit cards in the internet site where through crime, people access their banks and can withdraw or use their funds without the victim’s knowledge. The hackers access the computer details of an individual who have filled his personal detail in the site and can access all the details in victim’s computer, steal data, change password and change data. Such level of crime is even a threat to the national security since the web is a worldwide link, the hacker can access the details of any individual in the most remote part of the globe (Branigan, 2004).

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