Sample Essay

The aftermath of the Iraq war was very devastating especially owing to the very fact that Iraq was governed by a very dictatorial regime. This therefore led to the insurgent situation. The Iraq insurgency resulted from a number of reasons.

Nevertheless, the power vacuum that prevailed played key role in the facilitation of this insurgency. Foremost, it is important to realize that the power vacuum that existed was ignited by the sudden fall of the strongly centralized government leadership thus leading to periods of no leadership in Iraq.

Insurgency Begins

The insurgency started in May 2003 after the defeat and disbandment of the conventional militaries in Iraq. Moreover, this insurgency started with flurried attacks on the United States forces within the Sunni Triangle, and with special emphasis on Baghdad. Furthermore, some groups of guerillas that were poorly skilled, and therefore ended up dying in the process spearheaded these attacks. Also, these constant attacks escalated tension between residents and the US military, leading to riots from crowds, addition to constant skirmishes especially in Fallujah.

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