Sample Essay

The fact can easily be deduced that although the employees are performing well but the employees lack an essential amount of  Organization citizenship Behavior (OCB). OCB is the behavior that is not a part of an employee’s regular routine job but this is an additional feeling of cohesiveness that the employee forms and desires to maintain his membership with the organization[1] (Moorman, 2002).

The power that is the authority is not adequately utilized for the attainment of the organizational goals. Power and politics serves as an important dimension in organizational context[2] (Adler, 2008). Freddie is taking undue breaks from work for smoking, Bina is busy with her personal commitments during work hours and Estella has no good reason to let go £30 per week for this job. The sales assistants do not have a structured job specification. Just because of improper use of power and illegitimate politics the entire hierarchy is indeed in implied crisis.

[1] Moorman, R. H. (2002). Factors Influencing The OCB Performance . Journal of Business and Psychology , 171-180.

[2] Adler, N. J. (2008). International dimensions of organizational behavior. London: Thomson Southwestern.