Sample Essay

Some violent hardcore porno movies trigger some passion which can make them violent too. The adults should make a choice between what is good or bad for them; however, they should not expose the minor to internet pornography since pornography is basically meant to be for adults. The government should also ban the selling of the X rate movies in place since in one way or another; the children access the pornographic materials from books stores and movies stores too.

As much as I support the freedom of choice, the government should be hypersensitive to the fraudsters who rob innocent citizens’ hard earned income besides stealing valuable data from the computers. It should be made compulsory that every parent should ensure a software restricting viewing of pornographic material is installed in their children computers. Meanwhile, the pedophiles should be castrated or given life sentence. As much as the parent motive or desire to view or read internet pornography is left to the moral fiber of the individual, the children need to be protected from these sites at all costs.

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