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The issue of safety in planning and redevelopment has also been highlighted. Historically cities were built near fresh water sources as well as being built on high ground in order to ensure safety or for defensive purposes. As a result of this urban planners in California are encouraged to bear the possible threats in mind while planning for new projects are in an attempt of redeveloping a certain area. The creation of specific or emergency evacuation routes can help to alleviate or mitigate threats that appear to be localized. These may include flooding and extreme weather like cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes. Such efforts have been considered to be unobtrusive and reasonable by the act. These acts are necessary in order to make urban life more pleasant to its inhabitants. In addition it has been shown that good designs help to mitigate urban crime.

Unkempt lawns and broken windows are small indicators of neglect according to the broken windows theory, promote a feeling that an area is in a state of decay. Anticipating decay, people likewise fail to maintain their own properties. The theory suggests that abandonment causes crime, rather than crime causing abandonment (Stein, 2004). Although the maintenance of these urban areas is difficult it is good to try. The theory is important to city authorities as they plan on legislation since by taking it into account, it is easier to encourage residents to take care of their property and thereby reduce the likelihood of abandonment. Crime is not the reason people opt to leave residential areas but rather neglect and poor service delivery. The city authorities therefore had to enforce laws that people had to take proper care of their property.

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