Sample Essay

The behavioral, physical growth and development of students is usually influenced by various factors. The home and school environments are primal in molding the behavior of the students and  ensuring that it is aligned to the fundamental societal values. Notably, students spend most of their time in schools and develop different values in the same. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the schools offer the best environments for holistic learning, growth and development. Obesity is a physical condition that has been accorded utmost attention by various concerned stakeholders. Current trends indicate that this increasingly undermines the academic performance of students because of its far reaching physical and psychological implications. Numerous studies indicate that the condition has adverse impacts on the wellbeing of students and contributes significantly to behavioral constraints. Bullying and violence in Philadelphian schools has been associated with this condition.

In response, most schools have resorted to initiation of wellness programs. Fundamentally, these seek to increase the access of students to critical primary healthcare, respond rapidly to the immediate and emergent health needs of the students, increase the engagement of students in physical activities, provide consultation and counseling services to the community members and offer vital nutritional advise to the parents and students. Statistics show that these measures are beneficial and have borne desirable outcomes. These are reflected through increased physical fitness of students and staff as well as improved academic performance.  It is in this regard that this paper provides vital steps that would be used in implementation of the project in one of the urban schools in Philadelphia. In particular, it provides a critical analysis of issues, perceptions planning, implementation and evaluation of the project.

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