Sample Essay

Quick Aging of Humans

The irregular and anomalous physiology that makes itself evident in healthy humans in the variation process through the microgravity of space with every feature of spontaneous aging process, the mechano-skeletal and vestibulo-neuromuscular stimuli that occur less than the available threshold in space, is as a result generally greater than 10-fold more speedy onset and time course of muscle and bone weakening in space and the expansion of balance and organizational problems in returning to Earth than it happen with aging.

In the same way, the failure of functional capability of the cardiovascular system that occurs in space and uninterrupted bed rest is 10 times greater than it does in the process of aging. Space de-conditioning from gravity deficiency has called for the attention of medical dangers of de-conditioning on Earth from gravity. However, this process can be apparently reversible after about two and half (2.5) years in space or its Earth equivalence of bed rest, as it continues to appear as an effect of a longer exposure to the gravity in space. Both variation to space and aging are not simply analogous but unite as disarray of mechanotransduction. Similar to spaceflight, its analog bed rest brings to a clearer view, the transformations that are experienced with aging and posses as a function of a clinical model for the learning of age-related deconditioning union of the aspects of aging together with gravitational and space physiology is fast progressing the perceptive and impediment of contemporary lifestyle medical confusion.

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