Sample Essay

Patriarchal benefits are confined to Africa, in Asia it is absolutely a benefit that the male is entitled to. Upon marriage, it is the norm across Asia that the female takes the male husband’s name. She henceforth uses the name and other men and females in the society ill recognize her husband’s name. The man’s name remained unchanged as the female or the wife has no influence on his.

Patriarchy in Asia affects the children too. They take their fathers name and this distinguishes them from other children. In some parts of Asia where most households have slaves working for them, they together with their children take the names of their master who heads the household.

Patriarchy in Asia sometimes takes an unfortunate form as the domineering nature of men results to real oppression of the female. The female is answerable to the male and this means that the man can do anything to the woman and the society will not ridicule or punish him. This has resulted in practices such as child trafficking.

Female children are trafficked to serve as sex slaves in some rich house holds. The male is thus respected in this part of the world and the female has very little say to oppose this kind of situation.

The men in Asian communities can marry as many women as they can afford to take care of while the females cannot. This remains a preserve for males and has led to social stratification in which the women have no say in important matters in the society and cannot even give suggestions to men.

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