Essay on Overpopulation

This essay discusses the issue of overpopulation and its implications. It highlights that the global human population has reached 1 billion, with 220,000 people being added daily. Overpopulation is identified as a significant problem that is causing various issues worldwide. The essay points out that resource distribution becomes limited due to overpopulation, leading to crimes such as theft, burglary, and murder, particularly in areas with unequal financial conditions. Developing countries with limited awareness, education, and infrastructure are seen as more susceptible to criminal activities driven by overpopulation.

Essay on Overpopulation

Over the past 12 years, the human population has grown to 1 billion and that means 220,000 people are added every day. Overpopulation is a serious problem and it has already begun to cause many problems worldwide. The resources we have are very limited and the number of people living is in excess causing lots of problems. Crimes like theft, burglary, and murder take place because of overpopulation. Naturally, when people are not equal all over the world in terms of financial aspects it leads to criminal activities.

What Does Overpopulation Mean?

Overpopulation means a distribution of resources to a limited number of people and that in turn results in criminal activities. Everybody wants to have a lot of money which is essential to buy basic necessities in life. When food is expensive and can only be afforded by those having a lot of money people are highly likely to rely on looting other people’s wealth in order to feed their families.


Developing countries having a lack of awareness are more prone to criminal activities. They have very scarce resources and due to lack of education, they are likely to increase the population. Poor infrastructure and lack of basic necessities they are likely to be involved in heinous crimes.

In some countries in the world, there is famine. People and children die due to severe malnutrition. They do not have sufficient resources to fulfill their basic necessities. Food is an essential need of every living being and if it is not available, people are likely to die of hunger and malnutrition. Their major concern is related to feeding themselves and their families.

In some countries, there is an acute shortage of clean drinking water. Water is another essential element living things need to survive. People get contaminated water in some places leading to fatal diseases and other severe health-related complications leading to death. With so many people living with a limited amount of water, available people are likely to die.

Overpopulation is a major concern all around the world. It has to be controlled in order to distribute available resources evenly among people to lead a happier life.

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