Sample Essay

Traditionally network security in most organizations was part of the internal systems maintenance division. However as the use of technology for networks has increased along with the increasingly complex and sophisticated nature of the telecommunication networks. As a result the network security is often now outsourcers to other third party companies that specialize in this filed. The benefit reaped by the businesses fo0r using network security vendors for telecommunication network security is that they provide a variety of direct and supporting services that derive dedicated knowledge based on their experience in the field.

The network security companies or vendors generally provide software support for the security of the networks; develop the infrastructure of the network with protectionist security measures incorporated in the network architecture as well as providing training and consultation to the businesses. The services provided by the network security vendors include engineering of security systems, consultation and advice on security issues, assessment of old technology and systems architecture, proposal of new architecture that combines added security elements, the installation and integration of the security system, systems support for maintenance and upgrades, as well as awareness training on security issues and how they can be mitigated.

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