Sample Essay

With the changing times and melding cultures, women of all ethnicities and diverse regions that are present in theUKare seeking positions of employment in professional services. This combined with the fact that they have gained extensive education in specializing fields has enabled them to enter the labor market as highly skilled professionals. However despite the investment in their careers the women are not able to achieve positions that their counterparts are achieving in a specific time frame along with the same qualifications and experience.

Specific to the legal, financial and baking related firms, the transition of a female employee into a partner is sex biases, undertaken mostly under pressure or durance on part of the board. The females as a result are also plagued by problems pertaining to maintaining a falsified image and living up to expectation of the men. “the presence of a self-managed career advancement process necessitating a proactive approach to demonstrating individual contribution; and the need to ‘fit’ a prevailing model of success within the firm which is a masculine model and is more problematic for women.” (Kumra, & Vinnicombe, 2008)

More importantly the companies need to change the culture in their organizations to make them more tolerant of the opposite sex. For this family friendly policies need to be developed as well as no-nonsense sexual harassment legislature. Aside from this female mentors and role models can also be proving to increase the performance and the motivation of females in top leadership positions. Moreover it is more crucial for the companies to recognize the benefits the women bring into management and educate the heir management about these benefits in order to enable the progression of females and women into the senior management in the banking and IT based sectors in the United Kingdom.

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