The importance of Human Resource

Human resource discipline is the key asset for every organization to compete successfully in intense competition in the market it is significant to utilize the capabilities of the employees effectively. Motivating employees and their effective management are crucial for organizations for expanding their operations by efficiently utilizing their available resources and having minimum waste. There are various disciplines that human resource management deals with this may include; benefits, business leadership, compensation, ethics, and sustainability, consulting, and many others that ensure employee satisfaction.

The task of the Human Resource Department

It is the responsibility of the human resource managers to ensure that employees working in the organization are provided with adequate working environments and safe working conditions that will encourage them to be enthusiastic about working towards the vision of the company and making combine efforts to achieve the goals of the organization. However, while striving to accomplish the targets of generating higher returns and growing the business it is important to have a social responsibility and ethical corporate governance. Ethics are the moral values that conduct the behavior of an individual and assists in distinguishing between right and wrong companies have a social responsibility towards conducting business while knowing their ethical boundaries, simultaneously informing employees about them and they need to ensure that no one is harmed with their business operations. Business ethics tend to determine the effect of business activities in three dimensions that are individuals, society, and the natural environment.

While working in the organization if an employee finds out another being involved in unethical behavior he is obliged to report to his supervisor or the employer to inform about this behavior to make certain the behavior is not reinforced by the employee. They should ensure that important files and confidential information should not be shared.

Human resource discipline deals with a number of disciplines to ensure that employees are motivated to work towards achieving the goals of the companies effectively and efficiently however that they need to make certain that they are obliged to laws that are in line with the ethical principles. It is significant for the business to provide its employees the training for complying with ethics in their business that would help employees to resolve their ethical issues in the workplace. Training provides workers with the knowledge of the code of conduct of the business. Training that is to be provided would include anti-corruption governing laws, anti-competitive practices, and how it will be possible for employees to resolve their ethical issues.

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