Essay on Effects of Overpopulation

What causes overpopulation?

The effects of overpopulation are multifaceted and can have far-reaching consequences on various aspects of society, the environment, and the economy.

One of the main causes of global warming and pollution is the rising global population. The planet Earth now has far more people than the number of resources it has to feed the entire population. In the aftermath of global warming, experts have forgotten that overpopulation is also one of the major factors to be addressed on a serious note.

Global warming is caused by people and the more people we have in the upcoming years the more global issues related to hunger, joblessness, and other core factors are more likely to rise. If the population continues to increase at the current rate by 2050 the planet Earth will have more than twice the population we currently have.

Effects of Overpopulation

Overpopulation occurs when the number of people dying on a daily basis is less than the number of people born. With advanced medicine and technology, humans are not dying as they were when the field of medicine was not as advanced and modern. These days human life expectancy has increased because of the availability of modern medical tools to cure different diseases.

A few decades back when medicine had not made major inroads human life expectancy was not as high and more people used to die of different diseases that were incurable at that time.

Diseases like TB, pneumonia, cancer, and other major diseases were incurable and more people used to die of these diseases. In the modern age, most of these diseases are curable since medicine now has advanced tools and methods to treat them. However, cancer still remains an incurable disease provided that it is not diagnosed in its earlier stages.

Why should we worry about the effects of overpopulation?

The effects of overpopulation have been astounding. The resources we consume are scarce and the number of people to feed is much higher. The more people on Earth the more we need industries and urban areas to feed people. The more people there the more jobs we need to have for them so that they can make a living.

Nature certainly has its own way of reducing the population on Earth through wars, famines, starvation, and natural disasters but on our part, we can also play a vital role by family planning.

People living in developing countries are more prone to an increase in population due to a lack of awareness about family planning methods. They keep on breeding children after every two years adding to their miseries and the entire world in general. The more children a couple has the more resource it needs to feed them.

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