Laws and Legislation for Cybercrime


The term cyber-crime covers a huge scope of activities of criminals by using computers. Some of the instances of cybercrime encompass cyberbullying, website defacement, financial fraud, and identity theft. At a firm level, cybercrime includes hacking intellectual property and theft of databases of customers. Most of the users believe that they can guard themselves, their computers, and their accounts with some antivirus and antispyware software. But cybercriminals are getting sophisticated. They are now targeting private and public companies as well as individuals. Thus, extra protection is required. Read the custom essay writing further to learn more about cybercrime. 

Statistics of cyber crime

It displays that the cost of this issue in the year 2013 intensified seventy-eight percent, whereas the time required to solve this issue has risen to around one hundred and thirty percent in 4 years. While the average cost of resolving one attack is above one million dollars. The cost and frequency of cybercrime raised in the past twelve months. The average cost of this issue annually acquired through a benchmark sample of firms was 11.55 million dollars. That is around seventy-eight percent above the cost projected in the initial analysis carried out 4 years ago.

Laws and legislations related to Cybercrime

There are many laws and legislations designed by governments around the globe to solve the issue of cybercrime. The initial piece of United Kingdom law, the Computer Misuse Act 1990 aimed to particularly deal with the misuse of a computer. This act was a reaction to an increasing problem that present law was not able to deal with the cybercriminals. Every person who has an e-mail account is nowadays dealing with spam. In order to address this spamming issue, the Department of Trade and Industry designed Privacy and Electronic Regulations in 2003.

The Office of Information Commissioner enforced these laws; the independent authority of the United Kingdom arranged to encourage access to legal info and to guard sensitive information. Another act named the Police and Justice Act 2006 was designed to cover the larger problems than the cybercrime only. This act encompassed changes to the Computer Misuse Act. The penalty for abusing this law was enhanced from 6 months to 2 years. The European Convention on Cybercrime aimed to give a common global basis for addressing the problem of cybercrime. It was adopted in the year 2001. The Serious Crime Act may be observed as a better act for giving police the authority to prevent, disrupt and detect serious crime. It is important that compliance with these laws is ensured to allow for better protection of data. This is just a sample if you want to place a similar assignment you can contact us at

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