Sample Essay

According to the central moral concept of nursing field and professionalism, the statement conveys the moral standards that guide the nurses in their professions irrespective of whether they vowed on taking oath or not. Nurses should perceive this field as a call and not on the basis of an academic work and qualifications to become a nurse (Aroskar, 1994).

This involves nurses recognizing and acknowledging four Meta paradigm concepts of nursing theory whereby all nurses should be aware of, i.e. the environment, health, the person or the patient and the nursing and all these are backed by proper leadership in nursing field. The philosophical meaning of the statement is that in this field of nursing, practitioners should apply the intellectual and emotional outcomes of the professional attention for the wellness of the patient. Therefore, nurse’s ethical and moral principles, beliefs, and attitudes should mould the individual behavior and performance in this profession of nursing. This enables the practitioners to evade the external forces that would deflect them from carrying out the nursing care effectively (Aroskar, 1994).

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