Sample Essay

From the understanding of nursing code of ethics, the term moral is set in as the key word that guides the profession of nursing. However, moral and ethical words have  different implication in the field of professional ethics, whereby in health care understanding, morals entails  more on the over-arching set of cultural and communal principles that direct person performance (self control and leadership in nursing).

However, ethics reflects the proper expressions of moral principles; hence ethics are codified in an agreement that involves taking oaths and writing of vows that will be observed (Aroskar, 1994). This is quite different from doing the same in the field of profession but moral concepts will guide the consciousness of oneself profession to recognize the acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors. Therefore, ethical set of laws are based on morals as well as social and cultural norms. Therefore, according to Dr. Aroskar’s statement, motivating leadership in nursing is given the first priority. Therefore effective leadership is vital in nursing and important principles are learnt in the field of practice and education. Good nursing leadership should encompass making proper decisions and to be flexible and accommodative to the patients because this is the core unit of good nursing and governance. He conveys the message that all health practitioners and mostly nurses should encompass their commitment to moral and ethical ideals that are the backbone of nurse’s code of ethics and behaviors that controls the human weakness in their profession irrespective of the challenges that are met on duty. Morally central healthcare profession is in itself a complete expression of professionalism that all nurses should encompass the commitment to wellness of the patient (Aroskar, 1994).

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