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The proliferation of nuclear technology and nuclear materials has also led to a rise in industrial accidents. These accidents have increased health hazards not only to students but the entire population at large. The disposal of nuclear waste has also become a problem since many countries and or firms are unable to properly dispose off the materials.

The California authorities passed legislation that selecting of a site for the construction of nuclear power plants should be taken in accordance with the laws and should always be selected to minimize the chances of an accident occurring. The legislation based on the UNESCO policy stated that “before constructing a nuclear power plant in any particular site data are gathered on the local meteorology, population density in the surrounding areas, existing crops, and orography. Such data will be used to make site specific analyses involving real time estimation of accident consequences.”According to the California authorities, “design reactors engineers estimate that a probability of occurring an accident with a nuclear power plant is very low, because they trust the multiple levels of protection against reactor and/or containment failures with significant radionuclide releases. However, models are also selected for calculating doses, health effects, and economic costs due to accidental radionuclide releases from nuclear power plants.” In addition, they established a criteria for preparing and evaluating radiological emergency response plans and also boosted preparedness to support the nuclear power plants (Stein 2004).

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