Sample Essay

Norms refers to rules and regulations for enforced and anticipated behavior. They lay down what is appropriate and right to be practiced and carried out. They prescribe the societal values and practices. On the other hand, the channel of communication refers to the means of delivering or conveying information from sender to the receiver. Channels include written, oral, face to face and audio. The channel used matters a lot depending on the confidentiality, reliability and ease of understanding.

Social facilitation effect implies the intensification of principal or common individual reply in company of others. The presence of others enhances physiological arousal to a point our bodies become more energized to perform all tasks easily and quickly. Significant others boost up dominant responses hence we can perform duties and tasks efficiently and effectively. Parenting refers to the procedure of raising and enlightening a baby from birth to adult. It has become a popular subject in high school due to the importance of explaining the parenting process to parents to avoid the difficulties and the problems of poor upbringing.

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