Essay on Noise Pollution

Essay on Noise Pollution

This essay on noise pollution delves into the issue of noise pollution, emphasizing its adverse effects on both human health and the environment. It distinguishes between indoor and outdoor sources of noise pollution, citing examples such as loud music, vehicular traffic, industrial machinery, and more.

The essay on Noise Pollution highlights the negative consequences of noise pollution, including irritability, anxiety, hearing loss, and even potential risks to cardiovascular health. It underscores the importance of taking measures to mitigate noise pollution, such as providing hearing protectors in noisy workplaces and using vehicle silencers.

Noise is not equivalent to any pleasant sound, it is a kind of sound that is unwanted and intrudes into our daily activity. Many scientific types of research have shown that unwanted sound or noise affects human health and disturbs the environmental quality. The human can only bear a certain level of noise, which according to the Environmental Protection Rules, is 125 decibels.

Different Sources

There are different sources of noise pollution. These sources are mainly divided into two categories: indoor noise pollution and outdoor noise pollution. The loudly played music, video games, and movies fit into the category of indoor noise pollution.

The continued banging on the door, the sound of utensils collision, and the unstoppable tantrums of a child are a few examples of indoor noise pollution.

The main source of outdoor noise pollution is vehicular movements such as bikes, cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, etc. The loud honking of vehicles can cause significant damage to the hearing of listeners. Moreover, it can even scare heart patients and can risk their lives.

The heavy industries are home to many heavy types of machinery which produce unbearable noise. The workers of such industries are prone to diseases related to hearing.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution not only affects the hearing of a person it has other harmful effects as well. It can cause irritability and anxiety in a person. The unnecessary honks of vehicles can also cause dangerous road accidents.

Not only this, an excessive level of noise can also disturb the normal circulatory system of human beings and can alter the pulse rate, in extreme cases such alteration of the circulatory system can even cause heart failure.

It is clear from the above discussion that noise pollution has adverse effects on human health as well as on the environment. Certain measures must be taken in order to reduce the harmful effects of noise pollution.

Those factories, that have heavy machinery, must give hearing protectors to each of their employees to avoid the risk of hearing loss. Moreover, vehicles must have silencers to block the noise of the engine from spreading into the environment.  

Every single person must play his or her part to make this work a better place to live and to overcome the problem of noise pollution and other pollutions as well.

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