Sample Essay

Motivating is not only a physical process but also it is also a psychological process. Managers in any organization are supposed to set up a role model that every employee has to follow. This is because if managers misbehave junior employees will also have the impetus to do the same.Within this function of motivation, managers should always have the aim of achieving proper employee performance within the organization. With this respect, employees should not only be motivated to assist their fellow employees but they should also be geared towards the achievement of customer satisfaction. This motivation should initially arise from the company managers, who are more influential within the company operations.

For excellent employee satisfaction, managers should ensure that they have excellent reward schemes for their employees for excellent services. This will keep employees always motivated to work hard in order to achieve extra benefits from the organizations management. In addition to this managers should always be eager to find out specific employee needs in order to be able to assist them further.

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