Sample Essay

In his poem ‘the morning after’ Hughes uses literary styles to make a strong statement. From the opening lines “I was so sick last night didn’t hardly know my mind”, gives the reader a clear picture of the problem. Although we come to realize that, it was not real sickness, we are made to sympathize or empathize with him.

Love and sexism are themes portrayed in this poem. The passion of the love is not direct, but from the way Hughes describes it we realize that the protagonists knew each other. We come to realize that the two were drinking. From my own view, it looks like the reason for them to drink was to forget their problems. This is a form of escapism. They are trying to forget their problems by taking ‘licker’. According to Hughes, we are shown that the two are partners in life, although we are not told that they are a husband and wife we are made to know that they live in a dreary and burdensome life. From the poem, we are made to realize that Life is not always sweet and pleasant. This is the reason why they are trying to escape their problems by drinking. Regardless of this, the two comfort each other. That is why they find solace in the strangest of things. For example, the obnoxious snore of the woman seems not to torment the man. The snores appear to comfort the man in one way or the other. Hughes makes us realize that we all have faults and flaws in life.

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