Sample Essay

The United Stateshas been able to effectively and efficiently use tools of both the monetary policy and fiscal policy to maintain a rather stable currency. As a result the United States has been able to achieve considerable economic growth, low unemployment and low inflation. This has helped theUnited Statesto preserve its position on the world stage since many countries either use the U.S dollar as their official currency or semi-official currency.

The country’s public expenditure constitutes around a third of the nation’s GDP. This massive involvement by the government has helped to hype economic activities by the private sector. This has in turn helped theUnited Statesto stay well under its budget estimates over the years. The country is the world’s largest importer. As a result many companies compete for the lucrative U.S market. In addition to this, theUnited Stateseconomy is the world’s largest consumer. This helps it to impose economic sanctions on different players on the world stage, helping it to gain leverage in times of need.

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