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The magnitudes of the decrease in proximal femoral strength were analogous to approximated lifetime victims connected with aging and the study of aging reveal that bone size amplifies as a reward for lost bone mass. More so, after two and half years mission to Mars (space), the dimensions of astronauts after flight were very reliable with a boost in bone size, though this increase in bone size was not sufficient to result in complete improvement of the hip bone strength.

In an attempt to calculate bone loss associated with aging, space or bed rest, eventually what is very important is how much it affects the bone structure. Scot after his study also reports that some ISS crew members lost both trabecular (inner spongy layer) and cortical (outer layer) hip bone, while bone loss that is associated with aging typically takes place predominantly at the internal bone coating. There is a sharp incline in the mineral loss that begins at the lumbar spine and growing in the hip, strengthening the function of gravity in this outline among the astronauts.

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