Sample Essay

For hundreds of years astronomers have struggled with the issue of measurement of the distance of not only stars but also other heavenly bodies. Before the introduction of telescopes and space shuttles the issue of determining these distances has baffled astronomers widely.Over the years astronomers have developed different means of determining these distances. Currently astronomers use a method called parallax to calculate the distance between a star and the earth’s surface. Parallax in general is a specific displacement or difference in the perceived position of an object or sets of objects that are viewed between two different lines of sight. Parallax is thus measured through a process involving the inclination angle lying between the two given lines.

Parallax in astrology is based on the earth’s revolution activities. The parallax principle argues that due to the earth’s revolution around the sun, stars that are close to the earth’s surface seem or tend to shift their positions as compared to stars that are further away. In astrology this is referred to as the parallax shift. Once this is established astronomers then observe the distance of the parallax shift and then since they know the diameter of the earth’s orbit around the sun they then calculate a ‘parallax angle’ across the sky.

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