Sample Essay

The E-Business strategy enable mass customization whereby client can order for a product to be made according to his/her specification, however this mainly depends in the E-Business manufacturing process level of advancement.  Through the E-business, network production has been made very easy. A client in Kenya may order for a certain product from UK, but through the network production, the product can be manufactured by the UK subsidiary in Nigeria and taken to the client in Kenya. This is enabled by the ability to have computer networks across all the branches in the world. The cost of delivering the product from Nigeria will be cheaper than transporting it from UK.

Through the Supply Chain Management (SCM), the E-Business links professionally with the suppliers, clients, workers, competitors and distributors. Through the technological progress, the SCM plays a crucial role in three major areas;

  • The product flow between the customers and the suppliers
  • Flow of information among all the stakeholders
  • Financial flows between the suppliers and clients.

The Supply Chain Management ensures that data is shared downstream and upstream while it is stored in the data warehouses hence cutting down the costs in addition to allowing the payers to utilize the data in future strategies30 (Jespersen & Skjott-Larsen 2005)

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