Sample Essay

Traditional marketing methods in theUKhave focussed on international fairs and conferences, as well as local offices (Bakewell and Gibson-Sweet 1998, Hesketh and Knight 1999, Muche 2005).  This method of marketing would be successful in attracting students to theUK; however the present threat is that students now have other destinations that are not theUK.  Therefore, preparing and attending these conferences no longer applies, especially if the international students are under the perception that they can achieve similar levels of quality and international comparability by studying in another country.

There have been a number of suggestions for international marketing in theUK, some of which have included the following.  The first suggestions has been to run an information and guidance portal on study opportunities in the UK (Muche 2005), which basically follows the traditional internationalism method where it is assumed that students will be after exchange programmes and research experience.  However, the internet has largely replaced or has facilitated the use of online exchange programmes which have reduced the need for travel and relocation.  The second suggestions was to produce information and promotion material and media on different supports and in different languages (Muche 2005), which still follows the traditional model of marketing pre-globalisation, but there is also the risk that higher education sectors could be using market research data that is outdated for marketing these materials.

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