Sample Essay

For an organization to become market leader in its industry by 2015, the organization must take a leading role in coming up with business models and developing new products and services same time being on the cutting edge of new technologies.

In addition, good relationships with customers by solving all issues raised by them amicably as organizations make this products or services ideally for their customers. This means that a well crafted customer care department must be put in place to address all issues raised by customers in detail. This can be made better by having a well motivated workforce (McGahan 2004).

Another strategy to be in the market leadership by these brewing companies to leave others chasing is differentiating the products making it hard for counterfeits. This is a strategy well employed for instance by soft drinks coca cola company worldwide where her products have remained unique over years (Moore1995). Finally, innovativeness is key to market leadership. Organization must in its workforce hire and retain the best minds since talents are required everyday for innovativeness to thrive which is key in market leadership an initiative by British brewing companies. For instance ‘Google’ innovate all through and this has kept them way ahead of competitors and this has been achieved by hiring and retaining the best in their industry.

To conclude, strategic management is vital in any institution as evidenced throughout this paper since it’s by having a clear vision and missions with carefully crafted objectives that organizations can grow.

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