Sample Essay

Mandating of school uniforms is an issue that has been on discussion in most countries in the world. It is thought that if it happens that the mandating succeeds, violence and gangs in schools will be reduced. Tragic incidences on the school going students will also be reduced for it has been evidenced that some students are shot by thugs in order to be robbed of some items they are wearing on their ways home. For instance, a boy of 15 years old was shot for basketball shoes worthy $86 inDetroitwhile inFort Lauderdale, a student of 17 years was snatched of his jewelry. On the contrary, there are also arguments against mandating of school uniforms.

The arguments supporting the mandate of school uniforms in theUSpropose that it should be done for only the middle and elementary pupils; a class of the students below 15 years of age. An example of this support is shown by the Manual of School Uniforms which has been developed by the Department of Justice and the Department of Education underClinton’s directive; this manual has been embraced very fast by the schools’ leaders. After the implementation of this manual, the principals in several schools in theUSare reporting decreased violence and fights in schools. For this reason, the mandate of school uniforms imposed by the president in theUShas tried to solve the problem it has been imposed for (Felch, 1999).

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