Sample Essay

Most equipment used in the office are electronic. Therefore usage and management of electric power is vital. Poor regulation of this power may lead to fire outbreaks, or destruction of equipments. This may be led by overloading electrical equipments, naked or exposed live wires, poorly fixed power sockets and outlets, malfunctioning equipments among others. This hazard poses a great danger to all people who use and work within the environment where electricity is being used. These include technicians who are given the responsibility of maintaining and repairing electronic appliances. Also those whose working responsibilities require use of electric appliances. The electronic accessories may include computers, photocopies, electric heaters, electronic cabinets and many others.

The mismanagement these may lead to electrocution or to severe burning. This can be well avoided by ensuring that proper electronic installation is done for all appliances being used. Quality installation materials should also be used as well as avoid overloading of power installations. Proper consultation should be made during installation to ensure that standards are met. People working as technicians should be provided with the right clothing and tools for the job. In time that faults are found well qualified personnel should be consulted to fix the problem.

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