Sample Essay

Management information systems refer to a part of general internal controls of a business. It covers the application of technologies, people as well as the documents circulating within the organization. It revolves around problem solving on issues like business strategies as well as costing.

Management information systems are different from common information systems since they are used by management accountants to analyze other systems necessary for the continued operations of the business entity. In academic settings it is described as the intersection between business and technology. To assist in the smooth running of the organization different technologies have been introduced over time. Both wired and wireless technologies are widely used the world over. Both these two technologies fall under the sub sector of telecommunications. Among the most notable wired forms of technologies include the landline telephone network, the traditional fax machine, traditional local area networks as well as metropolitan networks. Today management information systems deals with resource and people management applications, database systems and applications, project management as well as decision support services.

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