Sample Essay

The major forces behind E-Businesses are the economic forces and the technological forces. The technological forces have been a tool that has brought about low cost of operations hence bringing about the economic need behind adoption of the E-Business. The technological advancement has made the communication between business stakeholders more efficient, faster, easier and economical (Andam, 2004). The technological rends have make it possible for the prince-le of universal convergence to be achievable.

While many businesses are engaging in E-Business, it is imperative the sellers, buyers and transaction partners to must meet certain conditions without which the E-Business will not be a success. The transaction partners include banking institutions, international freight firms and authentication authority which maintains security. The seller of goods and services in E-Commerce must have secure website, have intranet and competent employees to manage the E-Business system. The clients are required to have some disposable income and have access to internet which they know how to use in order to buy the goods online. These emerging requirements for E-Business require the government to come up with policies which will regulate the businesses in order to maintain law and order.

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