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Lying in bed, aging or living in space causes a serious corrosion of muscle quantity and quality, muscle weight, potency and power are misplaced as a result of the sharp decline in neuromuscular transmission, muscle formation, task, metabolism and performance.

It is referred to as sarcopenia in the old; it is a major public health problem with a weakening that comes with age that has been supposed to lead to the steady slowing of movement and ill-health that regularly lead to the amplified risk of injury and loss of autonomy. Practice with vigorous, healthy young astronauts in space and even more so of correspondingly healthy young adults in bed has brought about an opposing conclusion that, it is the condensed control of significance on the body, either in space or during apathy, reception and reduced posture alteration that results to muscle atrophy and the sharp fall in strength. Gallagher also explains that the existing exercise programs in space appear to be incompletely effective in neutralizing the path of these changes[1].

[1] Gallagher P, Trappe S, Costill D, Riley DA, LeBlanc A, Evans H, Peters JR, Fitts RH. Human muscle volume and performance: the effect of 6-mo of microgravity (Abstract). Paper 21.19, American Physiological Society Intersociety Meeting: Integrative Biology of Exercise. The Physiologist. 47(4):321, 2004.

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