Sample Essay

There are some organizations which have a particular of leadership style. It is the culture of the company to follow that protocol every year. However some organizations change their leadership style yearly to find the best way in which they can be more successful. Organizations which have a particular culture which they follow will always clash. When this happens employees will start facing communication problems, human resource problems, inter-group clashes and identity problems. These are some of the disadvantages of having different cultures in different organizations. To avoid these internal problems one cultural leadership is created. Any organization leader must be a cultural leader. This is to facilitate the two old cultures to be one new culture.

External and internal environment reflects on the Deming Circle management theory which basically emphasizes continuous quality improvement as well as learning. The external and internal environment of the business needs to be constantly improved and understood so as to withstand the pressures and the limitations that tend to develop with time. The advantage of this theory is that it creates a platform of Plan, Do, Study and Act which basically seeks to improve the external and internal environment to favor the operations of the business.

All organizations and businesses today operate in a changing world because of high changes in technology therefore are subjected to more powerful forces which are beyond their control. Some organizations culture may prevent this change as they are used to using the same routine every time. This makes them lag behind in the economy thus preventing their growth and success. However in a situation whereby the members of the organization are organized, they cannot be affected by the organization’s culture depending on the type of leadership they have.

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