Sample Essay

LSI (Language Schools International) is a network of schools that deal mainly with training of various languages used all over the world. Started in 1965 the schools have over the years trained thousands of students from all over the world. They offer TEFL teacher training and test programs like TOEFL, TOEIC and the PTA (Kristin, 2005).

Through exchange programs, the LSI students travel to and from different parts of the world in order to acquire different information that is relevant to their languages of interest. These students seek to learn various languages through which the information they want to understand is conveyed. Students from all over the world are admitted into these schools to take part in language programs so that they can understand various languages. Many foreign students first enroll into the LSI schools before embarking into their core field studies (Asato, 2006).  The core languages offered includes English, Spanish, German, Greek among other major languages. Once the students are enrolled for the course they are taken through a rigorous exercise to determine their exact needs.

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