Sample Essay

Nigeria’s land use act and the river basin development laws and authority ensures that the various locations which are fit for the construction of hotels and other related food and recreational facilities are well documented and known to the potential investors in time. The impact of the hotels and other businesses to the environment in which they exist is supposed to be assessed at regular intervals to ensure that no serious harm is done to the environment thus resulting in the fauna and flora. The country’s (Nigeria) land use act also explains to the existing hotels and motels the manner in which such businesses should be run in reference to the need to cater for the environment and ensure that customers also enjoy the services they receive.

   The West African country, Nigeria’s public authorities ensures that environment related issue under the hotel industry are fully explored and possible challenges that would otherwise face the industry are adequately addressed. In cases where hotels are likely to pollute the environment in any way, certain permits that regard the nature of the possible environmental pollution need to be obtained from the country’s local authority. The local authorities in the country also ensure that the national environmental acts are strictly adhered to. The protection of the hotels in Nigeria and the related laws enhances good performance of the hotel industries.

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