Sample Essay

The following year after the Korean War, the Japanese average income returned to the pre-war levels (Vestal, 39). This was followed by a strategy where the business leaders and economist in the country started focusing on the development of the heavy industry in the country (Vestal, 56). Throughout the 50s a lot of economic progress was realized in the country and the living standards at the end of the decade was about 25% higher than the figures which were there during the middle of the decade (Vestal, 53).

However, in 1960, the Ikeda plan was unveiled by the Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda and the plan had outlined an ambitious goal of trying to double the income levels of the Japanese within a time frame of ten years (Vestal, 70). Nevertheless, it can be noted that the major steps that were in the plan entailed investments in education sector, infrastructure, focusing of export and also the growth of the heavy industries (Vestal, 67).

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