Sample Essay

Christians believe that the pain and sufferings that Jesus encountered on the cross though He never committed any sin and dying on the cross was meant for the forgiveness of all the sins committed by mankind. In addition, Christians believe that Jesus arose on the third day after his death and become on earth.

He preached to many people including his disciples of the kingdom of His Father to which he belonged and promised them of coming back one day to take those who will believe and abide to what He taught when on earth to enjoy eternal life in heaven. The day of death and resurrection of Jesus is celebrated on the Good Friday and the Easter Monday.

The life and history of Jesus Christ can be read on the only Christian holy book called the Bible. It contains the new and the Old Testament. The Old Testament is similarly sacred to both the Islam’s and Judaism while the New Testament talks about the life and the deeds of Jesus Christ therefore considered crucial and very important by many Christians. In addition, the beliefs of the Christians can be found in the Apostles Creed written to clarify and distinguish the Christian’s faith and spirituality from other religions. Similarly, Christians believe in holy trinity i.e. the existence of the father, son and the Holy Spirit as well as the existence of hell and heaven where only the pure and the righteous will enter heaven and the wicked go to hell for punishments.

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