Sample Essay

The originality of the social constructionist into issues of homosexuality can be traced to 1970s termed as gay liberation era that saw massive advocating for by homosexuals in United Kingdom and the United States.  During this period, social constructionist began to generate theoretical writing with coming of some prominent writers such as British historical sociologist Jeffrey.This writings aimed at underpinning account of emergence of a homosexual identity in Western societies in 19th century, appropriated and reworked the sociological theories referred to as labeling theory or symbolic interactionism (Adam 2007).  By emergence of social constructionist, its perspective transformed social science thinking about human sexuality.

For instance, by the emergence of the social constructionist it enabled to a greater extend for persons to conceptualize and perceive eroticism (Delamater and shibley 1998) in a different perspective as opposed to perceiving only in terms of either psychologically or biologically determined but rather socially constituted too. In Addition to that, through the emergence of the writing and theorization in the society by social constructionist, Culture provided the conceptual meanings through which individuals distinguished practices, sexual feelings and  identities facilitating the society to relate that the homosexuality definition and the state of being is culturally relative. In other words, this emergence paved way for reduction on the question of meaning to homosexuality and gave pathway to addressing question of existence in the society.

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